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"Moving the Security Guard Industry
Into the 21st Century"

Prior to forming "Tin Star", we had fifteen years of experience dealing with inadequate and substandard security companies. In the course of producing numerous consumer trade shows, approximately 20 shows per year, we have found a lack of quality companies available to execute our required duties.  "Tin Star Security" is operating based on these experiences and looking at the industry from the user side of the business.  We feel the customer not only has the choice of which company to hire, but also the choice of which levels of protection they desire or need.  "Tin Star" offers a complete line of coverage requirements with various levels of service and pricing. We can fill any need or requirement you request.

We will be moving the security guard industry into the 21st century. For years the security service industry has functioned through a model of inefficiency. Security organizations have found it very easy to recruit, hire and deploy security personnel; but monitoring, tracking and managing field assets in today's high-speed world is a tremendous challenge for any organization.

Imagine technology that reports instantly in real time...

  Guards sleeping or not patrolling the property as orders dictate
  Guards not checking key access points on the property
  Guards leaving the property for periods of time

Our in-house and field tracking and monitoring system is unmatched in the industry. With this new GPS reporting technology, all of the above operations, plus many other performance-demanding capabilities, are available with "Tin Star Security". Our exceptionally trained personnel, equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, can fulfill all of your needs.  Please contact "Tin Star Security Company" today.


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